If your Tribe filed an opioids lawsuit, please confer immediately with your opioid litigation attorneys to discuss whether your Tribe should participate in the Settlements.

Your Tribe must take affirmative steps to participate in the Tribal Opioid Settlements. Without action, your Tribe cannot receive any settlement funds.

To participate in the Settlements, you must sign the tribal Participation Forms for each Settlement. Just click on the fillable PDF Forms below and submit them in one of the following methods.

Tribal Participation Forms must be signed by an authorized tribal representative.

The Tribal Settlement Trust Directors are working with BrownGreer PLC, an experienced settlement administrator. BrownGreer hosts the website and is responsible for collecting the tribal Participation Forms. You may receive letters and emails from BrownGreer about the Settlements including instructions about how to log onto the settlement website portal to upload documents and receive announcements.

For additional information, you may call BrownGreer at 1-888-616-3880. You may also email the Directors at

You may review the following tribal settlement agreements.

You may also review the following important documents that discuss the tribal allocations and approved uses of funds.